Human-Centered Robotics

*Robot Engineering
*Virtual Reality
*Control Engineering
*Information Engineering
*Human Interface
*Human Engineering
*Sensitivity Engineering

Application to
Medical Care and Welfare
Education and Training System
Assistance for Operation and Movement
Application to
Ceramics and Traditional Arts
Preservation of Traditional Arts
Popularization of Ceramic Art

Human-Centered Robotics
"Manipulated by human", "Give instruction to human", "Measure human", "Transmit to human",.......

We carry out the research on profound themes of relationship between human and robot based on Robot Engineering, Mechatronics, Virtual Reality, Control Engineering, etc.

Application to Medical Care and Welfare
Intelligent neurosurgical instruments

In brain tumor removal surgery, tumor removal rate is strongly related to the clinical outcome, especially, in the case of glioma. A surgical treatment is the most important procedure as a first step of the treatments of glioma. However, a complete removal of glioma by a surgical treatment is a great challenge for neurosurgeons. In this research, intelligent neurosurgical instruments were developed to take a key role in improving the tumor removal rate by introducing cutting-edge surgical devices. The intelligent neurosurgical instruments consist of a surgical robot, a master device and a operating software. The surgical robot consists of a surgical motion base and a surgical tool manipulator including a volume control suction tool. In addition, Open Core Control software was developed for connecting these intelligent neurosurgical instruments through network and make them work as a system in a quick and efficient manner.
Video materials about this research can be found in here.

Education and Training System
Not only much expert knowledge but also highly advanced technique and skills are required for medical treatment such as operation.
Not only visual and auditory information but also training with force tactile and movements to learn technical skills.

We develop highly realistic educational training system with force tactile using Robot Engineering and Virtual Reality to train repeatedly without any living body like human or animals.

Assistance for Operation and Movement
Owing to an advance of minimal invasion technique in surgical operation, minute operation that deal with what human cannot see or teleoperation that human cannot manipulate directly are applied.
To assist these kinds of operation, we develop navigation system using Measuring Technique and Virtual Reality, develop operation assistance system using Robot Engineering and Teleoperation Technology, and conduct research on the scaling and control methods.
Also in welfare field, we develop navigation system using information measuring tools and human-friendly transfer and movement assistant device.

Application to Ceramics and Traditional Arts
Preservation of Traditional Arts
Specialized arts of craftsmen have been transmitted from generation to generation by human beings.
Applying Measuring Technique, Virtual Reality, and Robot Engineering to this sphere, we elucidate traditional arts such as ceramics, preserve the skillful arts by digital system, and develop the way of transmitting the traditional arts using force tactlie.

Popularization of Ceramics
Using Robot Engineering and Virtual Reality we develop ceramics experience system with high realism that enables to experience to make ceramic art from remote places without preparing clay or potter's wheels in order to spread ceramic arts. Also we design the new way of pottery that we can experience whoever we are, whenever we do, wherever we are by developing virtual clay or pottery robot.

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