The 2nd Announcement 2006.11.17

International Symposium on Neo-Robotics 2007

<Sponsorship> Nagoya Institute of Technology
<The date and time> Saturday, January 13, 2007 (from 9:00 to 17:30)
(social gathering):from 17:30 to 19:30
<Place> Nagoya Institute of Technology
Meeting Room (the second floor of Lecture Hall)
*It is about 7minutes' walk from JR Chuo-Line "Tsurumai Station"
(Nagoya University Hospital Gate) and about 10 minutes' walk from Subway Tsurumai Line "Tsurumai Station" (the fourth exit).

We will hold a symposium at Nagoya Institute of Technology as follows with a view to creating robot technology for the industry and medical technology of the next generation beyond the bounds of the conventional robotics. We invite domestic and foreign researchers developing pioneering studies in each field. We can not only share advanced topics and novel visions but also have a substantial discussion with participants and lecturers altogether.
*The international invitation lectures are performed in English, but questions in Japanese will be accepted.

A program(tentative)
9:00 to 9:10 An opening address
9:10 to 10:00 A special lecture
Studies on Neo-Robotics Carried Out in Nagoya Institute of Technology
10:00 to 10:50 An international invitation lecture
Dr. Tad McGeer(The founder of Insitu Group)
A Passive-Walking Robot Airplane

A prophet of "a general idea of a dynamic passive-walking" having a great influence on Robotics now. He has built up the company of a robot airplane up to one of the North America's best rapidly growing companies while being engaged in development by himself. He shows the direction where Robotics should go by his prominent foreseeability
10:50 to 11:20 Coffee break
11:20 to 12:10 An international invitation lecture
Dr. Dana Yoerger(Associate Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Submarine Inquiry Robot

A specialist of an underwater robot that investigates the unknown deep sea. He brings innovation by the robotics technology that produces a new discovery such as extremophile.
12:10 to 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 to 14:20 An international invitation lecture 
Dr. Metin Sitti(Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University)

He has developed "Gecko Tape" copied from structure of skin of a lizard at a nano-level. He pioneers new Robotics by the biomimetics with full use of nano-technology.
14:20 to 15:10 An international invitation lecture
Dr. Stephen Mascaro(Assistant Professor, The University of Utah)
Wet Robotics

He has developed a high-speed drive system of an SMA actuator by an artificial blood vessel. He aims at development from conventional Dry Robotics to Wet Robotics.
15:10 to 15:40 Coffee break
15:40 to 16:30 An international invitation lecture
Dr. Jin-Woo Kim(Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas)

Development of the microminiature pump using a flagella motor of a microbe. He challenges a limit of the use of engineering of a creature motor.
16:30 to 17:20 An invitation lecture
Dr. Yasuharu Koike(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Brain Machine Interface

The leading researcher of a brain machine interface (BMI) study that can read a human mind from electromuscular information. He draws an image of a new future robot from technology that connects brain and machine.
17:20 to 17:30 A closing address
17:30 to 19:30 Social Gathering(at Nagoya Institute of Technology "Koyuukan").
Please help yourselves to light meals and drinks. Please participate willingly. Free of charge.

<Application> The number limit is 200 attendants. Participation fee is free of charge. Prior registration is necessary.
Web site for registration:
<The application deadline> December 20th, 2006(Wednesday)
<Inquiry> Professor Hideo Fujimoto
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Gokiso-cho, Showa-ku
Nagoya 466-8555
Tel&Fax: +81-52-735-5330

<Supported by>
Special Education Study "Neo-Robot Technology Creation Project", the 100th anniversary commemorative international forum of Nagoya Institute of Technology (a robot subcommittee), Strategic Study "Project for Creation of Micro-biotechnological Medical Engineering that aims at Gene Therapy/Regenerative Medicine", Touch Technology Laboratory donated by Toyota Motor Corporation, Medical Machining Laboratory donated by Okuma, Quality Innovation Techno-Center, Nagoya Institute of Technology Study Cooperation Society, Medical Engineering Laboratory, Society for the Skill of Ceramic Art.

<An Administrative Organization>
Chair of Organizing Committee: Hideo Fujimoto (Nagoya Institute of Technology). Chair of the Executive Committee: Masamichi Sakaguchi (Nagoya Institute of Technology). Chair of Program Committee: Hiroshi Mochiyama (Nagoya Institute of Technology).